TMA Smart - Healthy Building

Technology platform for smart and healthy building

Comprehensive and open solutions for buildings, residential areas and cities to create a modern, healthy living condition for residents, optimize management and operation, and enhance the real estate value.

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Smart building

A technology solution ecosystem for buildings to ensure security - safety, optimize residents' utility, and improve building quality

Healthy building

A technology solution ecosystem to improve the health of buildings and residents.

Advanced technology platform

Centralized data from all services

All solutions in the ecosystem are operated on one platform with centralized data. Therefore, the data from many different services within one or more projects are collected and gathered into one database, facilitating analysis, management, and optimization for the operators and the investors.

Open Platform Architecture

TMA's platform is built on an open architecture so that it can be easily integrated with the applications and data of existing solutions or other vendors.

Contact information

  • General information:
    (028) 3990 2680 (Mr. Andy)
  • T-Building: (028) 3995 1061 (Mr. Thang)
  • mCare: (028) 3995 1062 (Ms. Yen)
  • IoT: (028) 3990 2698 (Mr. Nghiep)
  • CDP: +84 83 600 5803 (Mr. Nguyen)
  • TMA Tower, Street #10, Quang Trung Software City, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, HCM City

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